Friday, November 25, 2011

Another beautiful House of Allah - Masjid of Morocco

Hassan II Masjid
(Only 10 years old)
We'll show you one of the most grandiose constructions in the Muslim world and you decide.

This building is in the first 10 most expensive constructions in the world, and it is called Hassan II Masjid.

The construction is comparatively new. It is only 10 years old. That is why the builders applied modern
technologies and achievements. Heated floors, servo doors, extended ceilings, high seismic resistance.
The part of the floor is made of glass in order worshippers could see the ocean as well as the sky. 
The hall accommodates 25,000 believers and it is all splendor, pomposity and refinement.
Decorations made of Moroccan Atlas cedar, pink Tafraut granite, golden Italian 
marble, green onyx, numerous Murano glass lamps, doors made of Russian titanium. African motifs are
everywhere - in patterns, colors, material combinations.
The highest minaret in the Muslim world, 210 m high over the Masjid square where 80,000 believers more
may pray. It is especially wonderful in clear days - azure and emerald mosaic plays under the sun rays.

As it usually happens, the construction was made exceptionally on donations.